Objective 1:

Ruby Bridges School for Social Justice & Community Service

Upon charter approval, open the Ruby Bridges School for Social Justice & Community Service to provide an integrated, K-12 learning community in the Upper 9th Ward.

Learn more here.

Objective 2:

William Frantz Public School: A National Historic Site

Secure National Historic Site status for William Frantz Public School to ensure that the site’s historical significance is permanently recognized and protected by the National Park Service.

See Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site as model here.

Objective 3:

New Orleans Civil Rights Institute

Establish New Orleans’ first institute dedicated to documenting and teaching the Civil Rights Movement and its continuing legacy.

Objective 4:

Pioneers for Progress Monument

Erect a monument dedicated to Louisiana’s Pioneers for Progress, which will celebrate our leaders who championed equality and civil rights throughout the state’s history.

See Remember Them: Champions for Humanity as a model here.

Objective 5:

9th Ward Redevelopment and Beautification

Work with residents and community leaders to transform the 9th Ward’s Florida neighborhood into an attractive, vibrant and dynamic center for civil rights history and education.